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National Redfish League (NRL). The NRL is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization designed to build, grow, and maintain the sport of competitive redfishing.

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National Redfish League Overview

Beginning in 2021, anglers who are members of the NRL will be eligible to earn points as a team towards Divisional and National Team of the Year awards by fishing NRL sanctioned events. These points will also accrue towards the NRL Redfish National Top Fifty Team Rankings roster. Invitations that are available for the prestigious Redfish World Series World Championship will be issued to the top ranked teams to fill all remaining spots in the RWS each year. The National Redfish League is comprised of four divisions that will each host four two-day NRL sanctioned events for a total of 16 national competition venues. Teams may fish in any division they wish for as many events as they wish and all points accumulated will be applied to their Divisional and National rankings. These competitions will begin in February 2021 and end in August 2021. The year will then be complete and the top ranked teams (total number of spots TBD in 2021) will earn an invitation to the spectacular 2021 Redfish World Series. These are all team events and only competing teams that are members of the NRL will be able to accumulate points to qualify for the World Championship Redfish World Series in September. United by Team • Driven by Passion.

National Redfish League Divisions

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