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National Redfish League (NRL). The NRL is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization designed to build, grow, and maintain the sport of competitive redfishing.

National Redfish League Team

Our team consists of committed individuals with unique skill sets coming together to provide a best in class tournament series.


An avid fisherman, outdoor enthusiast and professional redfish tournament angler for over 30 years, Griffin brings a plethora of fishing knowledge, tournament expertise and professionalism to the table. Creator of the renowned Redfish World Series - the single most exciting and comprehensively elegant competitive redfishing event in the world.

The Redfish World Series features a rigorous and unique four-day progressive bag format that creates the most intense and dramatic tournament background in the industry, this tournament is unprecedented in the history of competitive redfishing. Designed, developed, and produced to showcase the premier redfish anglers in the world along with the top tier of the industry in product design and function, the Redfish World Series is the new standard in competitive redfishing and promotion. He didn't stop there, next he formed the National Redfish League (NRL) created to accomplish a lofty goal; to unify the sport and industry of competitive redfishing. With four divisions, a true national footprint, participation by anglers from the Texas to the East Coast of Florida, and culminating in the Redfish World Series the NRL is set to become the gold standard of the sport and the driving force behind the success and popularity of a genuinely professional level of competition. 
Gritter Griffin Contact Info:
phone: 334.372.2222


Gosewisch oversees sponsorship, creative development, digital engagement and communications as well as marketing and strategic planning for the NRL and the Sunshine Division. Gosewisch also manages the day-to-day operations maximizing activation and exposure for the organization and its partners. She continues to provide prestigious, well-organized tournaments of which participants, fans and sponsors are proud to be a part. Previously vice president of Florida Pro Redfish Series and Pro Tournament Fishing Corp, Lori Gosewisch has been an influential and key contributor to the success and growth of the sport of redfishing.

Fishing has been a major component of Gosewisch’s personal and professional life. She grew up in central Florida, where fishing is a way of life, and she has fished in and played a pivotal role in numerous tournaments. Her alma mater is Florida Southern College where she started out as a biology major with a strong interest in marine biology. She changed paths and received her Bachelors of Science in Business Administration majoring in finance, marketing and economics and Masters of Business Administration.
Lori Gosewisch Contact Info:
phone: 813.731.2587


Ron Henne, Jr. is the founder and publisher of the popular Texas-based Saltwater Angler Magazine as well as the Saltwater Angler Redfish Series. Since its inception, the Saltwater Angler Redfish Series was recognized by, and has served as a qualifier for, the Redfish World Series World Championship. Now, the Saltwater Angler Redfish Series will serve as the Lone Star South Division of the National Redfish League with Henne as the Manager of the Division.

Ron has been a full-time Texan since 2002 when he moved there from Jacksonville, FL. He is also still an active participant in many professional redfish tournaments in Texas and Louisiana and was the winner of the IFA Port Aransas event in 2015. Ron previously worked in the newspaper industry from 1988-2011 and when he is not running tournaments works as a field service technician in the oil fields. He is an excellent communicator, works closely with small manufacturers and business owners on advertising campaigns and marketing strategies, and always takes the time to build meaningful relationships with his sponsors and anglers. His honesty and integrity in all things as well as his philosophy of always “giving back” create sustained value in everything he does.

Ron Henne, Jr. Contact Info:
phone: 361.438.7572





Joshua Smith is the founder and president of Reel Hard Saltwater Fishing based in Houston, Texas. Joshua has been an avid saltwater fisherman along the Gulf Coast since he could hold a rod in both hands. If he is not out fishing or putting on fishing camps for kids, he is planning and preparing for his next big tournament.

Since 2015 he has been running his own tournaments and has created the most entertaining and exciting events in the east Texas area. The winter of 2017 Joshua also hosted, and was the tournament director for, one of the largest charity fishing tournaments on the Texas Coast. The tournament had 662 teams and over 2,000 people in attendance. The Rubber Lip Round Up, Joshua’s most recent endeavor, provides a platform for him to apply his marketing talents and tournament experience to create unique Texas-style redfish series. The Rubber Lip Round Up has joined the National Redfish League and is now the Lone Star East Division of the League. Joshua has been tapped as the Lone Star East Division, Division Manager, Rubber Lip Round Up Tournament Director as well as being named as a member of the National Redfish League Board of Directors. He shares the same passion as his fellow board members to bring life the most innovative and exciting professional competitive redfish league in the country.
Joshua Smith Contact Info:
phone: 832.230.9992



While most teenagers are still sleeping in on the weekend, Lauren is out on the docks on tournament day lending a hand. She assists with scoring and manages the release of the redfish on tournament day.

An honor roll student at Lakeland Christian School, in between her studies, she also manages the social media accounts for the organization. Her passion for the environment, especially marine ecosystems, has motivated her involvement the with series. Lauren aspires to study Emergency Medicine in her college studies.

Lauren Gosewisch Contact Info:
phone: 772.530.8926